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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday/Natural Bridges Monument

Well there are several Bridges. But the hiker i am not, specially when it comes to high places i was too chicken to find them. This one is one you could see from the observation deck so that is why your getting a photo of it.

Owachomo Bridge

Owachomo is the smallest and thinnest of the three natural bridges here and is commonly thought to be the oldest. We may never know for certain, as each of the bridges certainly have eroded at different rates. Regardless of its relative age, it is certainly the most fragile and elegant of the three spans, and an awe inspiring feature of erosion.


Owachomo means "rock mound" in Hopi and is named after the rock formation on top of the east end of the bridge. Before William Douglas gave it this name in 1908, it was called "Edwin" or "Little" bridge. Prior to that, it was referred to as "Congressman" by miner and explorer Cass Hite.

Early in the Monument's development, a dirt road led to Owachomo bridge from the south. It ended at the campground and ranger station directly southwest of the bridge. There were no other roads, and visitors seeking the other two bridges hiked or rode horses through the rugged canyons, often guided by the first "custodian" of the National Monument, Ezekial "Zeke" Johnson. Today, remnants of "Zeke's trail", now on the National Register of Historic Places, can still be seen just across the canyon below Owachomo.

And here is the Bridge i took
And here is my contribution to Yellow Mellow Monday.A lonely flower
And some yellowing on the tree in the distance
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PERBS said...

WOW! Love that natural bridge!

Perry said...

Pretty flower. I remember reading the signature of a guy once that said "If it ain't within twenty feet of the car, it ain't photogenic". Your hiking comment reminded me of that and there are many days that I must agree. :-)

anne said...

aw lonely flower I can reflect with that huhuhu anyway here's mine thanks!

Marice said...

wow those are awesome scenery! thanks much for sharing!

u may view mine if u have time

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

In desert places
sometimes lonely flowers bloom—
their tears are yellow.

My Mellow Yellow

Louise said...

What a pretty place. More places I need to visit. We go to UT every summer for a business convention, so I will eventually get there.

To answer the question you left when visiting me, nothing was canceled here due to H1N1. We had more trick-or-treaters than we have ever had. I didn't make a specific number of packages like I usually do, but based on how much candy I bought--and ran out of--and had to steal from my girls' overflowing bags--I would guess we had about 250 kids.

Carolyn Ford said...

Searching high and low you found yellow! Yea! Great captures!

George said...

I like your picture of the bridge as well as the others.

storyteller said...

Marvelous scenery and wonderful yellow flowers! Loved seeing the Dinosaur Museum photos. I was there with my sister during the summer of 1966 ... took a LONG dirt road to get there ;-)

I'm way behind on blog visits but am doing what I can to catch up with everyone today. Here’s my Mellow Yellow Blue Monday post:
Neighborhood Views - Artistic Blues and Yellows
Hugs and blessings,

whitewitch said...

A splendid scenery. I am particularly fascinated by the gas station they built into a rock. It must have taken them centuries to do it lol!