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Friday, September 07, 2007


Yesterday we got word that the sale failed, so i guess we are going to be here for sometime. Not sure that we will put the place back on the market or not, can't think
that far, as right now all i want to do is think about going on vacation. I sure do need it.

Going to get the jeep set up so that we can tow it with the motor home. Not sure how long that is going to take.But Nevada will call today to see when he can get it in.
There is always reason's for something not happening and this is one of them. Life goes on. We will continue to take time off.
Can't say i feel bad, as i really didn't think it was going to go as they were such iffy offers, before we all came to an agreement of the 7 counter offers, Feeling i should of went with to start and say the deal was off but since there wasn't any other offers i guess we had nothing to lose accept time.Altho we lost $900 with doing the soil test. Oh well.Next time if ever we will know not to dole any money out till there is a sale for sure.


Ex-Shammickite said...

Oh No... what a disappointment for you. Will you eventually list it again? Well, at least you have had the yard sale and now you have got rid of some of your "junk"!
If you are off on vacation, who will look after the motel for you?

Lilli & Nevada said...

when we take a vacation we close the motel up, so no one watches it accept friends and relative to make sure that no break ins. So far very lucky also have security cameras.
Yup got rid of junk still have lots of junk to get rid of.

dot said...

Sorry the sale didn't go through for you. A shame you had to lose all that money but I guess that's the way things go sometimes. Maybe you will get a better offer.

madretz said...

Also sorry to hear that the sale didn't go thru. Hope everything will work out for the better.