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Monday, September 10, 2007

Holland friend comes for a visit

Yesterday i got a call from my friend Reah, they were in Eugene, they flew in on the 2nd of Sept, I met Reah and her husband Jan here at the motel 4 yrs ago.His Name is the same as my son's, which i thought was neat. Being that is a dutch name.
They were hoping to go to Crater Lake, but she had a very unfortunate accident. She tripped over a car bumper, i can't remember were but she broke h
er knee. So when they came here she was not able to walk. So they ended up staying here for about 4 days, taking little drives here and there, But we got aquinted and always kept in touch over the last 4 yrs. It is great to see them again.

Here is Reah and Jan talking to Nevada about something, she speaks pretty good English and Jan speaks very little. On the floor next to her is Tittertat, hugging her purse, if its not shoes he hugs, its there purses if there is one available.
She was in heaven when i told her she could check her email and write a note to her family, i asked her if she wanted to send photos and she said can we? But she didn't know how, so i had taken these photos and i was going to attach them to her hotmail account, HMMMM! i couldn't read a word of what her hotmail said. It was all in Dutch. So went by what she said it ment i tried to download them but for some reason it wouldn't take. So i said ok well lets do it off my email address. So i sent the photos from my addy. So hopefully they get them.

Tomorrow they are going to head to Crater Lake as this time she can walk, so hopefully she will be able to enjoy it much better. I wish they would be able to stay longer, but they are heading over to Yosemite if i had known earlier that they were coming i would of loved to have gone with them as we never been there either. They had friends in Eugene that they visited, and they were not able to go and she didn't know that till they got here.Otherwise she would of let me know earlier.

I love to see people that i have had contact with over the yrs. Several of my penpals I have met.


madretz said...

How wonderful to visit with old friends, I can imagine your delight, as well as theirs!
I also love how happy Tittertat looks hugging her purse. Just remembering all the trouble he had a few months ago, so glad that he's looking and feeling much much better.
Someday you certainly will have to go to Yosemite. It is one of the grandest places on earth.

Shionge said...

This is absolutely wonderful Lilli and I can see that they are having a great time with you :D

Yes, I would love to meet you someday too :D

dot said...

Being in the motel business you must have made lots of friends. How nice that you were able to see them again.