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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Town of Leavenworth

Well today we finally made it into town, Here is the trolly that we took from Safeway which is right across the street from our RV park. Heck should of went on the trolly first before paying for a whole week at the park. The driver told us that there are two places in town that you can park which is dry camping, but they only charge around $10 a day. Oh well, But remember that if you end up ever coming to this town.
Here is a horse carriage that goes thru town, but not sure what they charge to ride it. I sort of felt sorry for the horse as he was just going around and around. Loved listening to his hoof's clamoring on the pavement.

Can't remember his name but he was on the city square seeing and playing from 11 am to 2 pm, not bad either. Said that he travels all over seeing and playing at festivals
Just some scenery of the buildings there. I am not a shopper and all of thesre places are mostly shops, other than the motels and hotels. which is a lot.
I thought these were so pretty, but then the whole place has so many beautiful flowers, hard to choose which is the best.
So the end of the day we decided that we had better try some dinner, being a full blooded german from the old country i wanted to see what the food was like. So i told Nevada to have the Sourbraten , well i have to say that mother made it so much better
I had the Wienershnitzel, again i have to say it was not like what i was used too. So maybe tomorrow we will try another restaurant and another dish.
Going in the morning to the bakery they say it is good, i would love to try there breakfast rolls, along with a original breads, and real pumpernickel bread.
But definitely no more shopping. Although i have to really think about getting a doll. They have these beautiful dolls large ones for such a cheap price. Its hard to not get one. But then what would i do with it if we have to move?


Andrea said...

This reminds me a little of Helen, GA. Nice photos.

dot said...

Nice pictures! It's hard to believe they have so many pretty flowers blooming this time of the year. It's a shame you couldn't have found the 10 dollar a day place sooner. Cute trolly!

Shionge said...

Looks like a very nice lay-back kind of place, I love it esp. away from the city :D

Kalyan said...

Some wonderfully capture shots. It really looks a beautiful place & nice reading your description too!

USAincognito said...

When I came to the food pictures, I was drooling!! That looks SO good!!! :)

madretz said...

it sounds like you had a lot of fun! i went to leavensworth a couple of years ago and altho it was totally beautiful and the architecture was cool it all felt a little fairy tale-ish to me. I guess that's what they're striving for so it's working! we had lunch there and i agree, i have had better german food elsewhere. I'm not german but my husband's family has quite a bit of german ancestry so we do enjoy the food when it's good!