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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Smallwood's Harvest Fun Farm

Don't know what this plant is but it sure was pretty and soft. Do you know what it is?
Smallwood's harvest

They had a Petty Zoo there as well, didn't go in to see what they had but it sure looked like the kids were enjoying it.
Sure was a big Rooster Ha? Bo y they had so much stuff inside that it was hard to pick out any special thing, They had everything you could possibly want when it comes to canning or otherwise. Store was huge.
Definitely geared towards kids and i think the adults all enjoyed this as well.
Lots of photos was being taken, they also looked like they had a rv park there at one time, as there was a lot of hookups there, maybe during the festival they close it. Should of asked.
This was so interesting the way they had this, the colors were so bright

Yesterday we drove to the fruit stand that we saw as we came into town, What a neat place this is, i wonder how come we don't have anything like that in Bend.
Tomorrow we hope to go into town as we have been here for days now and have not gone into town, They have a trolly that take you into town, Safeway is right across the street from the Rv park so will catch a ride there tomorrow. Princess was sick today and so thought i would stay here to watch her, something she must of ate yesterday didn't agree with her early this morning. Yuck ! She is better tonight.
Alpine View Rv Park
Also decided to stay here for the next week so we can take in the Autumn Festival so the rv park had to move us as they said they were full this weekend. Can't say too many good things about the way this place is run. But it has wifi and another good reason to move as now i do have better connection then i did were we first were parked..

Weather has been cold early in the morning but still nice at night were a jacket is all you need.


dot said...

That looks like a fun place! I don't know what the flowers are. The second one is really pretty but the first one is rather strange looking.
The weather sounds delightful!

LC said...

Looks like you guys are having a good time the flowers are beautiful and it looks like a fun place to be. I hope the rest of your trip goes well and you have a wonderful time. Thank you for visiting my blog Lloyd and Ranger.

Shionge said...

Very unusual indeed and hey I saw all those pumpkins ready for Halloween....are you getting one :D