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Thursday, September 13, 2007

UPS messes up

Yesterday UPS was suppose to have our tow bars delivered.No delivery, I emailed Sharon and told her it didn't come, so she called UPS and they told her that it hadn't been sent out. Well she did some yelling and told them that they said no later than Wed it would be there. The gal at the UPS told Sharon that her husband told her there was no hurry, that we didn't need it till the end of the month, what a lie that was, She told her that we had made appointment with the hitch place so we needed that tow bar, so they new they had all the parts.
Well to make a long story short, the lady at UPS decided to drive it here to Bend from McMinnville that same day. Boy that was a long day for her. She delivered the tow bars at 6 pm . Now that is service for ya. But i think she new she screwed up otherwise she wouldn't of done that.
So today we got the Jeep in and they got the Base Plate put on, all the pieces were there so no problem. Here is the finished product.

So tonight i did my worst hated job ever. Cleaning the Refrigerator, I just hate it, also hate cleaning the oven. Does anyone else hate cleaning them?. My next stove is going to have a self cleaning oven for sure.
But gosh that fridge has things growing in it. Yikes!! Wonder if it is any good for penicillin.LOL

Well i would of taken a photo but i am sure that there has to be others out there that have a messy over neglected refrigerator and really don't want to see mine. Nope i am not going to clean the oven.

Trying to get everything together so that i will be ready to leave next week for vacation. I am so ready to get away.

Got some canned goods in the motor home tonight. At least the motor home is clean now.


dot said...

Glad you got the job done!

Yes, I also hate cleaning the oven and refrigerator. Especially the oven and since I can't see good without my glasses I take them off when I check to see if it needs cleaning!

Andrea said...

I hate to have to wait for something and then it not arrive like they say. Glad it all worked out for you.

squire said...

I saw a umper sticker on a towed. It said,
"It's not me driving slow, it's that CLOWN in front of me."

LC said...

Nice motor home, I used to work at Eric's RV in Sequim WA. on the Olympic peninsula (which by the way is a beautiful place to visit) the C class coach is a real nice size hope you have a nice vacation.