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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Camera Finally

Finally my new camera, i got one Horray! I am so happy Accept now i have to learn to use it. It's a Panasonic, Lumix
I think that the photos are very good so far have not taken many, just testing on different settings, one of the settings i was doing was a vedio that was neat. Did try to send it tho but was awfully a long time to download, so will have
to read up on that and see if there's a short cut to do that.
Here is a photo of Princess, with my son's foot in the way.LOL
This is my son, Jan holding baby Jayden, need to get a better photo of the baby, Maybe tomorrow as i have a hard time seeing what the letters on the camera are. One bad thing about small cameras, Guess its time to think about reading glasses.


dot said...

It looks like a nice camera! I'm still trying to learn mine. I'm not good at reading the instructions.
What a cute little Princess!

madretz said...

hurray for the new camera! Can't wait to see all the awesome photos you'll take with it!

Luke said...

good luck with the new camera! nice dog too.