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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Parade

We watched them dancing in the square click on dancing and it should open to the dance, don't know have not tried that yet.
Here is the 6 girls that sing in German / English the little one was so cute saying her ABC's in German
These guys were real good, took a lot of energy to dance with those benches, i should do a short clip of that.
And here is some photos of the parade.


Luke said...

nice shots, seems like a cool parade.

Andrea said...

I love parades.

dot said...

Looks like you are having a fun trip. The buildings here remind me of Helen Ga.

rosemary said...

I want your camera. And your vacation.

madretz said...

wow, these are awesome, totally looks like a fun parade! We did not see anything like this when we were there. In fact, when we were there, i think we saw maybe 20 other people, it was deserted! I suppose a Wednesday in April isn't a very popular time to be in Leavensworth. they did say that fall and octoberfest was their biggest time of the year.