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Monday, October 01, 2007

Cashmere Wash.

Cashmere Wash, home of the Aplets & Cotlets Candy you know those great pieces of candy that is out around the holidays. Well we took the tour today.

Here is the store and before you go on the tour they hand out there neat little hair nets as you have to wear them before going in.
Don't know why but my camera didn't take very good photos today, Shoot had it on simple mode for dummies like me. Anyway lots of stuff to buy here, i did manage to buy a coffee cup, and oh yeh those pie crust things to put on the edges of pies so they don't burn.. Nevada said why do you want that? You never make pies! Yup i don't but never know i may one day LOL Has to be a good easy recipe , nope my pies have never turned out.
Ok so here is the beginning tour , this is the cookers they use. Lady said it has to come to a nice boil if not then the candy will turn out runny and won't stick. After they cook it then it is put in refridgerator i think she said for 12 hours but not for sure, hard to hear her.

Not sure what he was doing .
The lady at the end there has the boxes that the candy goes in, the candy is sorted
And here is the finished boxes, she said that this time of yr they run 2 shifts to produce and ship out the candies.
She also mentioned that you can freeze these for up to 2 yrs. Never thought about freezing them.

Ok so we didn't get very far today, Nevada was tired of driving. I think we went a total of 60 miles today. So now we are parked at the Oasis RV park in Ephrata
Much nicer park then the other one we stayed at in Leavenworth, water and Elec is $21 plus tax. bad thing here is that you have to pay for showers, but they have music in the bathrooms, Clean park, golf course included.$24 for all hook-ups
They also have propane and little store. laundry


Luke said...

cool candies, nice shot!

Shionge said...

What a wonderful place I know I'll go 'bankrupt' if ever I do visit :D

mrsnesbitt said...

Fantastic! Just about to go for my morning walk and I have had a tour of a candy factory! A great morning and it is only 11.45am!


dot said...

Interesting post. I've never visited a candy factory. I hope they gave free samples! Enjoyed the comment about the pies. lol. And it's nice that the bathrooms have music. Hope you enjoy your stay there!
About my bird pictures..I have a feeder about 10 feet from a window and I use my zoom and shoot through the window.

Andrea said...

If I went there I would probably gain 10 pounds just inhaling the aroma of the candy. And I am like Dot, I hope they gave free samples. My mouth is watering for candy now.

Lilli & Nevada said...

yup they have a table in the store that has free samples. I was good and only had one of each.

rosemary said...

I still remember visiting the Hershy's plant when I was a kid. Still my favorite candy bar. do you have a shower in your RV? we have a really small one in the camper...the park you are in sounds like a good one....still, I would rather use my dinky shower as long as we are hooked up to a fresh water and a dump line.