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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Maryhill Museum the inside & white Peacock

Its amazing what you find on old disks, i knew i had at one time had some photos of the inside of the Museum, and as i was going thru my disks i found these. I thought i would try my hand at doing a collage and seeing how it would turn out so here it is.

This is some of the inside of the museum.You can go back to my other post of Maryhill Museum for some other inside information.
I had never seen a white Peacock before so this was a real treat, i waited for him to open up but he never did.
The White Peacock is frequently mistaken for an albino, but it is a colour variety of Indian Blue Peacock. Its white colour makes it looks really magnificent and elegant.


madretz said...

great collage!

I've never seen a white peacock before either. I probably would have mistakenly thought it was an albino also, thanks for the information about it!

dot said...

Nice Collage! The peacock is magnificient! I would love to see it open up. Was the peacock at the museum?

Kerri said...

Your collage is beautiful. And so is that peacock! I've never seen a white one either. How neat!