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Thursday, October 11, 2007

On the road again

Here is a old abandoned mining something or another, not sure what it was. but has been out of operation for a long time.Pretty well falling apart.

And here is another one on the hill.
This was rows and rows of Onions, gosh they went on for miles and miles.
This is another Rv park we stayed at in Juntura Or, There used to be a motel there but burnt down a few yrs ago. the fellow that owned it said it was due to a dryer catching fire.

Juntura is the Spanish word for juncture. It was applied to a community in Malheur County because it was near the junction of the North Fork with the main Malheur River. The name is said to have been selected by B. L. Milligan, who settled in the locality in the early 1880s and was later county school superintendent. Juntura post office was established May 5, 1890, with Edw. Ashley first postmaster. Mter World War II, development flagged, and on November 2, 1976, the town voted 29 to 1 to dis-incorporate. The post office is still operating, but the railroad has been torn up.

They charged $17 for full hookups. Not the nicest place to stay but it was ok for the fact that we were tired. And there wasn't much else out there. They also have a restaurant don't know if it was any good or not.

We took Princess for a walk and we ran across this old school I don't know if they still use it or not, we thought so since it was decorated in halloween stuff, but the next day we didn't see any sign of any kids there.

There also was a bunch of cows and P had a fit over seeing them, it was the first time she had ever been that close to them. Now this one was very interesting don't you think?


dot said...

That sure is a strange looking cow! I wonder what it is.

USAincognito said...

That is a LOT of onions!!! Wow!!
Neat looking abandoned mines - would love to go explore them if I wasn't so afraid they would collapse on me! haha!!

Shionge said...

What a lovely trip Lilli I've enjoyed every photo and yes, the onion field wow!!! The cow - Cool! The building is awesome...I could go on and on and on...thank you.