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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Immigrant Campground

This is Immigrant Campground . What a neat place, we didn't get to stay but the night, it was cold and rainy that night.
It was a large park with many little cabins to rent as well. We couldn't believe that the price was only $12 for full hookups. And all the spots were nice.
The only problem we had was that the freeway was right there as well. and the traffic ran all night long. All the hookups were situated along the edge were the road was.

Looked like it might of been a nice place to explore.


USAincognito said...

That sucks having a freeway right along where you have to park for the night. Definitely prefer camping in places that are set way back with barely any traffic of any kind! :)

Janice & Gerald said...

Thanks for your comments on our blog. We agree on the California freeways. We've been on smoother logging roads in BC. We're heading east to Nevada in a few days.

Janice & Gerald