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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Oasis Rv & Golf Park

Ok for my rv friends that check my site i thought i would post some photos of the Oasis Rv park, In my earlier post i have the website . We got water and elec for $21
This is the entrance, we stopped on our way out to fill up the propane tanks
Here we are parked in our site, those tables and benches are made out of cement, good way to not have them bend or rot like many campgrounds
I wanted to take this photo of this tree, se weird how it had grown
I took this shot of the pond by the golf course, had to take a long shot as no pets are allowed on the greens, or humans that are not paying.
I had to take this shot of the tree, it was the only one that was really changed over among all the other trees, just really stood out.And i also forgot that next to the rv park was the city park and here was a little church, the lady told Nevada they open the doors when they have a wedding going on. otherwise it is locked.


Ex-Shammickite said...

Looks like you are in Vacation mode and already having a good time! Keep on truckin'!

dot said...

Maybe they should give you a free night for advertising! It looks like a really nice place. That church reminds me of one in Ga. I wonder what the size of it is.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Not sure but its not very big, couldn't go inside as it was locked.

Yes having a good time altho it is very cold so moving towards Calif

madretz said...

oh my! I've missed a lot of your adventures! Well, I'm back for now, reading from where I left off before and will enjoy reading about your travels. That tree is pretty.