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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Biggs Junction

9/24/2007 Top photo is Barge on Columbia Gorge
We left Biggs Junction this morning at 9 am were we spent the night,Actually it was at Rufus, we had spent the night there
once before up on the hill ,its a dead end, but the wind was blowing so hard that we parked in
the truck parking lot across the street from the Shell station, kind of bumpy parking lot but was
pretty level, some folks from Mo also pulled in with a trailer, The guy asked us if we were
parking there for the night, we said yes, he said his wife was sort of scared to do that but he
thought since we were there she would feel better, so they too spent the night.

Was going to stay at the park but it was all full.
Boy had no idea that Washington was so mountainous. But we have been slowly climbing up.
We drove thru the town of Toppenish it says town of many Muriels so took a bunch of photos there. Yup and definite
Indian Reservation with many indians.

Then we stopped along the road were we noticed a sign for fruit, yeh lots of stuff to buy there,even bought Princess a bag
of mixed treats for dogs.

We then continued on to Ellensberg, a sign said rest area with wifi hot spot, Selah Creek Rest area yehhhh! Nevada pulled over.... Nope! no hot spot there,
But low and behold there was free Rv dumping so will have to report that to the dump station group. well they might already know, the signs did say watch out for rattlesnakes.
Anyway not too far from Leavenworth now.

Well we made it to Leavenworth, wow neat old town, great buildings, can't wait to see the rest of it, we went thru town and looked
for a campground but didn't find one on the main drag, so Nevada saw National Forest sign and kept driving so here we are several
miles from town.At a campground called Tumwater campground, nice park but no one here, i think we saw maybe 3 rigs before
we settled in for the night. Maybe more came later i don't know but sure is quiete around here, Price is $16 but with golden age
card only half, may decide to stay again altho it is a long way from town, will have to go see if we can rent a car tomorrow. Or find
a campground closer to town were we can walk. Got some really great shots of the fall leaves and walked down to the river,
Princess had a ball down there. I also got some photos of the leaves changing with the reflections on the water..

Well its cold enough here tonight that i may have to run the heater earlier than usual. have it on right now but will turn it off when i
go to bed.But it is pretty chilly here.


dot said...

You are living my dream! I've always wanted to travel like that. The scenery is just beautiful. Keep traveling, be safe, have fun and POST PICTURES! lol

madretz said...

wow, i have a lot to catch up on! I can't wait to read more about your travels thru washington (I always go back to wherever I left off so I can read in order). that last photo w/ the reflection of the trees is awesome!