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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Don't do Garage sales on Big holidays

Ok folks,
as you know i have been doing the garage sale with all our junk. Haven't even made a dent in the stuff. First garage sale i have done in over 14 yrs. Lesson one, DON'T DO THEM ON A BIG HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!!!!!
Ok so i made a big whopping $2.25 today.
closed her up at 1 pm. had a total of 3 people
today.Oh well i guess over all since this thursday it at least paid for the ad of $15.
Someone should of warned me.


dot said...

Very disappointing! I've never done well with yard sales.

squire said...

Thats very good advice. Just one of those things that we should know better, seems it is always "after the fact" than we realize it.

Ex-Shammickite said...

I have found that yard sales always do well in the spring. People have been shut in their houses all winter, and the first sunny warm weekend they want to get out and pick up bargains! It's not always possible to time the sale for the spring though.... so maybe you'll have better luck next weekend.

Annie said...

What a great kitty face to go with the disgust you must be feeling. After all that work too! Perhaps you can close it up this weekend and try again next weekend?