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Friday, August 31, 2007

Last nights Storm

Boy was there a storm last night, son was heading back to Roseburg and he called me from the Junction and said hear that mom?well no i really couldn't, but then he said that is the sound of hail coming down. Said it was about the size of marbles.
Of course since we are having the garage sale, we didn't want to hear that.

So the clouds started coming in heavier and heavier, the winds started up and my poor tree was swaying back and forth. Yup! The rain and the hail was coming this way.

So thinking i was going to have some time to move stuff out of the way and under cover... nope that was not to be, the sky just opened up and it was pouring hail. Not as much as i thought it would, but then the rain came, and
oh my! got the stuff moved, but we were soaked.

So the rest of the evening we just watched the beautiful firework
s going on in the sky.
I guess you just have to have a few good thunder and lightning nights like that. Sad tho as some folks went without power for awhile. And it also started a few fires.

Today was nice and cool, lots of wind tho. Tonight the sky is clear and the stars are shining. So should be good for a great Labor Day weekend.

I should of had my head examined tho for having a yard sale this weekend. Made a total of $38.00 today. Yesterday was only $82.00, lets see what tomorrow brings.
Will let ya know if this is a good thing to have one on a busy holiday weekend


madretz said...

good luck on your sale for the rest of the weekend.

Ex-Shammickite said...

try again next weekend.
too many people away on a long weekend.