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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Princess her playfullness

Its been awhile since i have posted about the furry kids, so here is Princess under her blanket on her couch, and number one enemy Prescious coming to take a look and gosh nose to nose. If you actually could see how much they don't like each it is quite hilarious.Yup here she is getting ready to start pouncing on some poor cat. Either Oliver or Casey which they play good together.
So last night as i was putting the coffee on and getting ready for bed, i had Animal Planet on, I don't know why, but Casey loves that show, he will sit and watch this particular show for almost the whole time. He will go and paw at the tv, i guess trying to get to them, but he just loves it. Only show i know were he will sit and watch it.Can't remember the name of these critters.


Anonymous said...

We have had dogs ever since we got married 52 years ago and we could never get them to even look at a television set. I was amazed that your dogs like to watch animal planet.

Abraham Lincoln
About Abraham Lincoln

Shionge said...

How sweet to share this Lili and they really seems to be having a good time :D

rosemary said...

Our kitties don't bother with our dogs unless they are in the warm lap

April said...

Oh, a cat and a dog. They seem to like each other :-)

Pecos Blue said...

Looks better than the TV show.

madretz said...

TOtally love the pic of your kitty Casey watching the meerkats. Adorable!