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Friday, August 24, 2007

Yard Sale

Well today we started the yard sale, Gosh i have forgotten how much work it is to have one, Took all day yesterday just to get the stuff out in the yard.
so here are some of my great treasures that i have to get rid of
Here is Nevada's Treasure his cement mixer, he has had that thing for 30 yrs i think, it works real good for this little jobs one wants to do. and on the side is my favorite santa and snow man, $3 each sold right off the bat. Nope mixer hasn't sold yet, guess no one wants to work that hard.
Here is all my treasures, yard stuff never used in the yard, but in the house, and then some of my teapots, shoot i found this hummingbird feeder that i bought several yrs ago and forgot were i had put it, never was used. $3 bucks sold right off.
Here is oldest son that has moved here to look for work for now, i think he is looking at girlie magazine. taking it easy as he has been really busy takeing stuff out of sheds to put in sale. We have not even touched half of the stuff yet.
Here is more of knick Knack stuff. Not even half of what i have yet. still lots of yard stuff. Today was a man day. mostly men came to the sale, had a total of 5 women coming all day long. Have to say that with no advertisement other than a couple of signs outside by entrance we didn't do too bad. Hubby sold lots and lots of tools real cheap, $3,4, 5 bucks on boxes of tools take one take all sort of sale. went like hot cakes. Now i hope tomorrow is better day as it is Sat. so maybe more women out there.Maybe they will want my knick knacks. gosh such good stuff no junk either.
Oh the day of wanting to hit the road. all must go, can't fit in a 30ft motor home.


madretz said...

Isn't it amazing the treasures we collect as life goes on? We had to move after living in one place for 9 years and had to get rid of a lot of stuff. Hard to part with things that meant so much to us, but what has to go, has to go! But now I'm starting to think that I need to get rid of all this junk because I'm feeling claustrophobic.

Good luck with your sale!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hello there, just dropped by to say thank you for your visit to Wiggers World, I glad you took the time to comment, new folk dropping by is always a pleasure.
I love yard sales, we don't have many over here in the UK. Plenty of whats called 'Flea Markets' and every Sunday morning theres 'Car Boot' sales.
I hope your sale went well, love the motor home.
I'll drop by again..
Old Womtig

dot said...

Thanks for visiting me. You have some beautiful photos on here. Wish I could have been at your yard sale!

Andrea said...

I am guilty of collecting too much "stuff" myself. I need to have a yard sale.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Annie said...

I'll bet you slept easily last night. I've always thought yard sales were such hard work that I've not had one in years. Instead I try to give it all away to charities that will come and pick up. I don't have any cash, as a result.

david santos said...

Great work, Lilli!
Beautiful fhotos and greata text.
Thank you

dot said...

You asked about traveling in Georgia. If you are just going to look then anytime might be ok. However, they do have snow in the winter. To get out and see things you have to walk to, I would recommend spring or fall. This summer was extremely hot but it's usually just plain hot. lol

rosemary said...

We are having our yard sale in two weeks, after the holiday...I got you beat but good....we have an old dentist chair!!

Shionge said...

Oh wow Lilli, hope you'll get a good sale out of all your you feel like keeping all still?

Ex-Shammickite said...

Oh boy, I should have had that cement mixer last summer when we were building the brick'n'cement patio! That was a lot of hand mixing in the wheelbarrow!
I've lived in this house for 28 years, I'm dreading packing up and moving when the time comes. It's gonna be a HUGE yard sale!!!