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Monday, August 20, 2007

Buyers showed up here today

This morning there was a fellow from the company which is a chain, that is looking at buying our property show up and he was taking photos of the place. Nevada went out to see just who he was, and that is when he told us that the buyers were coming by so they can look at the property, well i would of thought they would of done that long before now. But since this is a chain we are assuming that it has to have there approval as well.

Well they looked for a long time, so hopefully all is still a go. Makes ya worry when you have such an official person here.

Don't know if i mentioned it before or not, but last week when the title company called they said there was a lien on the property, wow news to us, as our property is free and clear and all was paid up. Sure had Nevada worried for the entire weekend, as he had no idea what that could be and knew he was probably going to have to get a lawyer, all sorts of things were going on in his head. Lots of sleepness nights for him, he worries about everything.

Well the gal called this morning and she said no worries, as no one seems to know what it was and so all was dropped, WHAT A RELIEF THAT WAS! Amazing how things like that can pop up and if you aren't on top of things one may of paid it, sure was a lot of money to just give away for no reason.

Been going through some old photos of when i was a kid in Germany and have been posting on my daily activity blog which i didn't use much so thought it might be a good place to add it over there.

Sure was cold today and had some rain yesterday and the day before, sure settled a lot of dust around here. Could use more rain. Noticing how the leaves are already turning colors, must be going to be a early winter.


Ginnie said...

Thank God the scare was nothing more than that! Those things can throw you for a loop.

Luke said...

what company is offering to buy your property?

squire said...

Funny (or not so) how things crop up out of the blue.

Shionge said...

Glad to know all is clear and progressing well now :)

Take care pal :D

Faye Pekas said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my place :)

You lived in Roseburg almost as long as I have. I've been here 41 years. I haven't been to Bend too many times but I do like it there.