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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Welcome to Winnemucca, NV the Crossroads of the West.

Just going through some old photos that is on my floppy disks and came across these and i thought i would put them on here. This was a trip we took to Winnemucca
coming back from one of our trips, Its a popular place for gambling. Which we don't do much of that, can think of other things to waste my money on.Besides i never win.

Be sure to click on the photos to make them bigger and then you can read about the tree.
I think that trip we stayed a few days, at the Model T Rv park. The
re special was stay 2 nights and get the 3 rd free. We have stayed there several times going south. Its a nice park.
I think we did a bit of touring as well. They have shuttle cabs that you can take for nothing, tipping i think is good, but they will take you to one casino to another. Kind of nice, specially when you are in a rv and have no tow vehicle.

We took a walk around town and came across this neat church
Would of liked to have gone inside but the doors were locked so didn't get to go in. Maybe next time.
click on the website for fun and activities to do in Winnemucca


Shionge said...

Hey indeed a beautiful church Lilli :D Thank yo for sharing.

rosemary said...

You have had some great travels....I've never been to Winnemucca.

Luke said...

sounds like a cool place to stay, nice shots!

david santos said...

I passed to congratulate it with its work and to desire a good August to it in vacation.

madretz said...

I've driven through Winnemucca a couple of times. Once on our way to Colorado, the other on our way to New Jersey. What I remember most was a sign that said:
"Winnemucca, proud of it!"

Ex-Shammickite said...

Winnemucca... it must be an Indian name?
Interesting notice about the log!