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Thursday, August 30, 2007

selling my sports car

Well, i have put my car on Craig's List for sale. Really makes me sad to sell it as i like the car, always wanting a sports car, i finally got one, but found that i just really didn't drive it much. Its a 1986 Bertone x 1/9. Nevada bought it for me when we first moved to Bend 14 yrs ago, The car had 21,000 miles on it. and as you can see not much driving has been done. Its a hard top convertible, top goes in the front of the car and engine in the back with a tiny little trunk
Several Yrs ago i had my son the painter, paint it this color, 3 tone, midnight Rose, altho it really wasn't the color i wanted but couldn't get the one i had seen on a car, we found the car and that is what they said the color was, but when son called me he said mom' this is much darker than you thought it was going to be. Well even tho it wasn't the color i wanted i ended up liking it .
But found that driving it much was not in the cards. So it is time to give it up and hopefully someone will drive it like its suppose too.
It has the original hubcabs with the Bertone name on them, a collectors cars, nothing wrong with it, just needs to be used. Good gas mileage. close to 40 mpg.
How can one go wrong with that?
Love driving it with the top off


dot said...

It's a cute little thing! Hope you get a good price for it.

Ex-Shammickite said...

You must be feeling very sad about finally getting rid of the sports car that you always wanted. I hope it goes to a good and loving home. I always feel that cars have personalities and feelings just like we do. Silly I know, but cars are definitely part of the family.

Ginnie said...

Oh my, Lilli. I have never seen or heard of a car like that. No wonder you're sorry to be selling it. But I guess there comes a time for everything. So I wish you luck on Craig's List. Let us know how quickly it sells because Donica is getting ready to sell her BMW Z4. We never even thought of Craig's List. Hmm. Now you're giving me an idea!

lv2scpbk said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. That's a cute dog you have posted on your page.

rosemary said...

I had a bright red MR2 when we made the decision to move to Idaho. Totally impractical here....would sit for 8 months of the year! I loved driving it, and every time I see one I miss my little car.....sounds like your is in good shape and you should sell it fast.

madretz said...

awww, sorry to hear about having to sell your car. I agree with Ex about cars having personalities. Especially when we spend so much time in them, well, especially me, i've put over 50,000 miles on mine in 4 years. I definitely get attached to something i spend that much time in/with! So take lots more photos so you'll have memories of your car-friend for a lifetime. :)

squire said...

I have a Feiro and it hasn't been driven on over 5 months. I Think it needs to go. I found working on it more fun than driving it.