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Monday, August 13, 2007

Another weekend gone

Well another weekend come and gone, busy my feet are killing me, too much walking up and down the walk way, cleaning rooms, but i guess i shouldn't complain, hopefully it won't be much longer before we will be out of here.

If i hadn't mentioned it before, which i guess i didn't, but we do have a offer on the property and if all goes well we will be hitting the road about Nov or sometime in Dec.
They have till the 7th of Sept to back out, and then after that they have to deposit in our account $25,000 non refundable funds. Makes it more like a sure deal, seems like that is something one won't back out of. The closing is around the 1st of Nov, but they may go over but if they do then another $5,000 will be deposited. every two weeks till no later then the 30th of Nov, can't see anyone wanting to loose that kind of money.

So we have a lot of stuff to get rid of, YIKES ! were does one start? The house first, so much stuff and junk, can't really sell anything in the rooms as still have to run the motel, and if they back out even to the end they could, which by the way they are only giving us a week to get out meaning that is when we can sell stuff out of the rooms, Oh yes i forgot to mention, it will no longer be a motel, it will be flattened, they just want the land. Ok so back to the selling stuff around here in the house, 14 yrs of stuff we have acquired, which is mostly junk, Nevada is trying to clean out the sheds with tools and more junk that he hangs on too, just because he says well i may need this someday.

I guess we will be busy for a few months, if all goes through, sure was looking forward to a vacation tho in Sept, but won't be doing that till later in the month if they don't follow through, Yup sure would be a disappointment if they don't,oh well that is the way the cookie crumbles. We have found out over the yrs tho that if its suppose to happen it will, and if not there is usually a good reason.
Just like before, when we thought it was sold.


Luke said...

well I don't think they'll back out if its just the land they want. good luck on the move.

Shionge said...

I can imagine the work involved clearing up Lilli.....remember to snap some pictures since you mention that they only wanted the land.

Keep some stuff from the motel as souvenir perhpas?

Ex-Shammickite said...

I wonder what they will use the land for? Are you near new housing developments?
That will be quite a busy week, getting all the furniture and fittings out of there. Do you have a place to move to?

rosemary said...

It always feels good to clean out and get rid of stuff....even if the sale doesn't go through, have a yard sale or call Goodwill and see if they pick up. What are your plans? Travel in the RV with all of the pets? Nice way to see the USA.