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Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunday the 29 th of July sort of BBQ

Well i have to continue after my lap top story. So Sunday Sharon & Richard came for a visit, they are camped at Thousand Trail down by LaPine. Also Sharon and Don from La Pine came as well. No one really knew what was going to go on here, as Don B had been sick a few days before, but we had planned on a BBQ which we didn't do. Altho i had fixed a pototoe salad. As things were so much in the air I just had Sharon B pick up some weiners and i heated them on the stove, and some baked is Don on the left, Nevada in the middle and Richard at the right, yup the photo is a bit dark, couldn't fix it, sorry.
Here is miss Princess wanting them other dogs to play, but they wouldn't have a thing to do with her, accept snarl at her, hmmmm she was a bit put out.
One is called Zuni, and the other is called Hopi, nopw i don't know the differanceThis is Sharon B and the top were the guys are her hubby Don is the one on the left .This is Richard & wife Sharon and those are there two dogs. Anyway it has been since last Sept since we seen them so we had a good visit.They sold there Newmar motor home after they decided that they didn't want to be fulltimers anymore. So then ended up buying a small travel trailer. Which they seem to be happy with.


Shionge said...

Hey this is wonderful sitting under the shades, chatting and enjoying good food with friends...:D Nice Lilli!

Luke said...

cute dogs. nice shots.

rosemary said...

I have had 2 computers...both Dell and I just beat the heck out of them...they just keep on going.

The doggies look like my Goldie, he was a Lasha Apso.

We had a 29 foot motor home...too big. cost a lot for gas and it was too long for a lot of the National parks...not fun.

madretz said...

I grew up on Zuni Road in a small desert town in Southern California till I moved away for college! Hopi was also the name of a road, as well as Thunderbird, Cherokee, Navajo, get the picture. ;)

Ex-Shammickite said...

Ahhh just sitting in the shade, chillin' out! Looks good.
Dell are a good computer company, they look after their customers. I'm using a Dell right now. My son bought it for university, and then sold it to me when he built a bigger and better computer. And it's still going strong.... ohhh Knock on wood!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Check out my blog, I'm at 100 posts!!

Shionge said...

Hiya Lili, I'm fine now, thank you so much for sending your well-wishes to me :D