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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Death of a friend

Left is Nevada in the red, next to him is Ray Burgess, Diane & Bill, other rv friends that came to meet Ray while he was staying here.

Today we lost a friend, it is a sad day for all that new him, For the folks that are in the Rving world new him as Rayhound his message at the end of a email read

Because I live in a Bus and am called a BusNut, some people think I am nuts, but the bus is only part of the reason. Residentially Challenged - "On the Road Again" in the RAYHOUND, A 1975 35' MC 5B Coach #7227, under construction "On the Road" "Out of this world" Internet wherever the RayHound may roam SKP# 85642 "Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways in the RayHound, totally worn out, shouting..."Some Beach...what a ride!" This was taken in Aug 2005, when he stayed here after he sold Jerkey on the reservation in Madras. He stayed out there on the road for weeks at a time and did very well selling his Jerky. Truckers would stop in and say, oh i seen your friend Rayhound, or they would say they stopped and bought some Jerkey. Boy he loved to sell that stuff. He would come off the reservation and stay here at that spot in the photo for a while, do his laundry, and just relax and get some stuff done that needed to be taken care of. He loved my potatoe salad, so i always tried to make sure that i made him a extra big bowl when he would leave out of here.
He also had a satalite yahoo group that he was very proud of. If you ever wanted to know about satalite dishes and being connected to the internet that is the place to go as they have a lot of information on how too and what not too.
He will be missed by all. He loved the life of roaming in that bus, The slabs in Niland California is were he would hang out for the winter months. Being that he was self contained with gosh i don't know how many batteries he had on that bus, but it ran his elec along with all the solar panals on the roof of his bus.
Well there is much about him that i can share but it would be boring for most to read. So i will say Goodbye to a good friend, who somewhere down the road i know we will meet again.


rosemary said...

I am sorry for the loss of your friend. He sounds like he was a pretty nice guy.

Your new rig is pretty spiffy. The sunsets here are glorious as well as sunrise, my favorite. I'll load the dogs in the car if I can't sleep and off we will go to sit at the end of the road and wait for the sun to say good morning.

madretz said...

So sorry about your loss. He sounded like quite an adventurer and lived quite a fulfilled life.

squire said...

I never got to meet Rayhound, but have read all about him on the "slabs" group.
Thanks for the nice words about my blog, I enjoy yours too. I read it from time to time. I believe I found it on "Hitchitch".