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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

1989 Jeep Cherokee

Tonights sunset:
What a great one again, I need to start getting up early so i can get a sunrise, as they are beautiful as well. But i sure can't get myself up that early anymore. It also is sprinkling out, there was also a beautiful huge rainbow, not
much color to it, It was a thin line, couldn't get a photo of it as it was too far away.

It has been a busy week as the quilters show was this past weeken
d, havn't heard how many people came for it, but there wasn't a motel room to get, so i heard. We were full all week, and my feet sure are paying the price for it. Wonder if i am ever going to find a decent pair of shoes that isn't going to hurt my feet.

I forgot to add that last week we ended up buying a 1989 Jeep C
herokee,The paint job isn't that great, has bubbles on the hood, so far the project has been to fix the electric window, He had to order a new motor and then had a heck of a time getting it back, what job that is, don't ever do it, pay for someone to do it. I think he has it fixed, but doesn't remember now if the door ever locked before he put the new motor in. As now that isn't working, oh well i guess the key works so thats good. By the way we paid $800 for it. We got it so that we can tow it behind the motor home, as it weighs much less then the Envoy and our tow package says we can only tow up to 3500# The inside doesn't look that bad, will need some cleaning but since we just want to use it for the tow and running around so we don't have to rent a car when on vacation. So not sure what else we are going to find that needs fixing, the motor cost $115 after we took the old one back. Still have to call the insurance company so that we can drive it to get a oil change, and clean out the motor, he did some of it but i think it needs more cleaning. I did notice that the A/C was not all that cold, so may have to add some more Freon in there. At least i hope that is all it needs.

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Shionge said...

Hey that's a beauty Lilli :D New wheels to go more new places - Nice :)