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Friday, July 06, 2007

Much cooler today

Tonights sunset isnt' it Pretty?
Well nothing new going on today, but sure was much cooler than yesterday I think it only got to 90 today. But it was definitely Muggy, the clouds came in and it looked like it was going to do a big downpour, thunder was in the distance, poor Princess just barked and barked. She was so good for the fireworks, it surprised me that she did that much barking..... She is getting to be quiet the barker, am now wondering how to stop her from doing that. She is still barking at Nevada when he comes thru the doors
Makes you wonder if she is saying hi or what. Altho her bark doesn't sound like hi.
Now i suppose your wondering what this is? Well its part of a tree, we have this wonderful woodpecker that made her home in it. Not being tall enough and not wanting to scare her off, i did however want to try and take a picture of her baby, who keeps popping his head out on occasion, But so far i have not been able to get a shot of him, i don't know how many she has, but we did find one under the tree dead, evidently he fell out and by the time we saw him he had already died. I was listening to them today, momma was having a fit flying around in the leaves of the tree, and then you could here the little one sort of grinding not really a bird sound. I think mom was hopeing that we would get out so she could feed her youngin. She finally did get to the nest and must of fed him, or at least comfort him, Anyway we finally took Miss P in the house and left her to take care of the wee one.
Well i am tired so off to bed i am going till next time.


Shionge said...

Oh what a discovery Lilli and I hope the birdies are fine now.

You have a good night sleep pal :D

Ex-Shammickite said...

You just have to be patient and I'm sure you'll get a pic of the baby woodpecker. I have heard them in our trees and seen them pecking away, but have never seen a nest.