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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Offer on property

I forgot to mention it, but on the 5th of July we got an offer on the property, never seen such a mess before. Realtor that brought the offer to our realtor is a total idiot. Have no faith in her whats so ever. Never had any realestate dealings with her, but other things. Anyway supposedly she has been gone back East so nothing ever really came of this offer till yesterday, as we made a counter offer.... There offer was that we
were to do a soil test of the tune of $3500 nope don't think so. We had a test done 2 yrs ago, not as extensive as they wanted, we said no we are not paying for that, our property has not been anything accept a motel, and since the station was next door and came out fine, we figured that there was nothing on this land that was harmful.
Also they offered a low price, which we figured they would, so we raised the price. Well now that the offer went back to them, now they want us to wait longer because the realtor said she heard that they were going to widen our road which would take part of our property , meaning if that is the case and we didn't sell we would have to move our wall, so she is saying that the if that happens the price of the property would be less, so hence not as much land, oh yes and then they want to check to see how much its going to cost to tear the building down, hence less money. Now i guess i am really stupid, but why should i have to pay to have the building tore down?That is there fault they don't want the building.
So needless to say they were suppose to come back with a yeh or ney on tues, but now with all this they want to wait till the end of the week. Just another tacktic to hold you up. Oh well, my realtor said that they still were going to advertise it, i am not going to hold my breath on this offer. Its the first one so they have till Sept, and then we are done.As we don't want to deal with moving in the winter.


Ex-Shammickite said...

Real estate agents will try every trick in the book to get you to sign, but just stick it out until you get exactly what you want!

Shionge said...

Oh Gosh! It is going to cost a lot more to tear down the buildng isn't it.

Hope it'll turn out well Lilli