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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Rv Rally 7-21-07 & visit from Brother in law

Went to the Rv Rally on Sat 7-21-07 way too much walking, here is one the million dollar coaches, THE PROVOST way too many people waiting in line to see it so we didn't stick around, besides my feet were alreay killing me. I did wonder tho with all those people waiting in line if they all had that kind of money to actually buy one or were they just dreaming of buying one. Personally i can't see having something that big.
On Wed which was also Nevada's 69th birthday , his brother Hap and his wife Donna came for a visit on there way home, they had been on a 2 month long journey in there 5th wheele back East. Donna had finally retired from the Dr's office not sure how many yrs there but she had turned 65 and finally decided it was time to give it up. Anyway it was nice to see them and glad that they enjoyed themselves, nope full timeing is not there thing but they love to go.

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madretz said...

I think your Nevada and I share a birthday - July 18th? Hope his was grand, too!