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Monday, July 09, 2007

Sunday's Drive to Mt Bachelor

Our Sunday drive took us to the Mt Bachelor area. It is always a nice drive up there whether it be in the winter or the summer, but i do prefer the summer time as there is much more places to go. Not much snow left up there. Skiing ended early this yr, i remember the days when they didn't close the lifts till the 4th
of July, but the last few yrs snow level has been way down. They do have the lifts that go up to the very top and altho i have never been up there they say the view is amazing.They have Sunset Dinners that is suppose to be great, check the site out.Here is Nevada and Princess, this was just a small amount of snow that was left in the parking lot, she was having a good time running in it.
Our next destination was Soda campground also Soda Creek runs thru there. This is a free campground, this is a nice place to spend some time in, the scenery is superb.
South Sister's Mountain range in the back ground.
South Sister is the youngest and highest of a trio of closely grouped mountains called the Three Sisters. It is a very young volcano, and is characterized by a well-preserved summit cone with a circular crater at the top. In late summer of most years there is enough snowmelt in the crater to form a small lake, the highest body of water in the state of Oregon.What more could you ask for, then this beauty to look at.
We then continued on to Devils Lake

Devils Lake is a beautiful 23 acre shallow lake located adjacent toCentury Drive about 30 miles southwest of Bend. The waters exquisite turquoise color and scenic views makes this lake a delightful place to visit for travelers on the cascade lakes highway. The easy access, fishable shoreline and stocking of catchable rainbows make Devils Lake an excellent place to take children fishing. In addition to the stocked rainbows there is a natural reproducing population of brook trout.

Devils Lake was formed by a lava flow that lies as a mass of jumbled volcanic rock at the lake’s east end. It is a shallow lake with an average depth of just over three feet and a maximum depth of 10 feet.

Well it is late so will close this down for now and do the rest of the trip tomorrow.

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