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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cold this morning

Its cold this morning, I think that fall is here, the leaves are really starting to turn colors and falling off the trees, parking lot is full of leaves. Well hopefully the wind will come up and blow them away, just don't have the energy to do it now.

Going to work on cleaning and stocking the motor home today, need to shampoo the carpet in there, i hate carpeting in a motor home, specially if you have pets or kids. I think now they are making more motor homes without carpeting as most people feel the same way as i do. Our last motor home Nevada put vinyl down, sure makes it easier for cleaning, throw rugs are so much easier to pick up and shake and throw in the washing machine. Well looks like we won't be getting a new motor home now, so maybe eventually i can get him to lay vinyl down.

So i did get the carpet shampooed, glad that is out of th
e way, altho i hope Nevada doesn't start messing things up in there and drag a bunch of dirt and grease on there again.All the remodeling he has done in there he gets careless.

Didn't get it stocked tho, ended up taking stuff out i never use, so have more room for other things.
Well tomorrow is another day.

Casey and Oliver, how relaxing is this?


dot said...

Cute picture!
It was 75 here this morning instead of 80 so I guess that is an improvement. Oh for some nice cool fall weather!

madretz said...

Awww, so cute your kitties are!