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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Drive to Tumalo Reservoir

Our drive today took us to the back road of Tumalo, Never been in the area, we ran across this place called Tumalo Reservoir
We had no idea there was one here, always nice to find these things. The link has a better photo so check it out.
We continued on and came to a dirt road, so pulled over to walk along the road, Looks like it gets used a lot by 4 wheelers,
and people that like to shoot off there guns, in fact there was one tree that they must of shot at so many times that it was laying on
the ground. Also as we were going along we ran into this place that looked like it might of been a start of a dam, maybe never used,
but definitely a long time ago. I tried to find something on the internet on it but couldn't find anything.One of the ladies on my yahoo group wrote this about the place:

We used to ice skate on Tumalo Reservoir when i was a kid. My Dad
had a go cart and he put a snow plow on it and drove all over and
cleared the ice. We would have big fires to warm us and hot coco
out of a thermos. It was great growing up in Bend many many years

The reservoir is off limits now so i guess no ice skating on it anymore.


mrsnesbitt said...

Hi, saw your comment over at dot's saying you liked geese. Figured if I left a comment you would see my is from an original oil painting I did of one of my geese, Peggy. We now only have one goose, Jo, my gander!

Have a good day, my hubby and I enjoy travelling too, when we can we get out on our motorbike.

dot said...

I've never been very far west so this is very unusual looking to me. Looks like places I've seen in the movies. Beautiful!

USAincognito said...

Wow! What beautiful landscape!! :)