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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Friends left for Crater Lake

This morning our friends left for Crater Lake, One last photo of all of us including Princess, and Oliver in the back ground.
It makes one sad that there is so many miles between us. Even tho it was a very short visit, it was good to see them again.
Now i suppose your wondering why i have a photo of shoes,. Reah saw my shoes and said that she was hopeing to buy a pair of them while they were here in the states as they are very expensive in Holland. I told her that i paid $4.99 for them, she was shocked. I said well you may have them as i can't wear them. I have very bad arches and having them on hurts my arches, which i really don't have any, as i have to be careful as too how much i am on my feet. The foot Dr warned me that if i have too much problems i would have to have surgery on my arch, meaning that i would be off my feet for almost a yr.Well not what i want to do, so i am very careful as to what i do. There are days i feel like i am walking on bones, it hurts so bad.
Well anyway she was happy to have the shoes and i was happy that she wore the same size shoes as me.

So the afternoon went slow, we went to the Hitch place to see when we could have the Base Plate put on the Jeep so that we can get it ready for the tow bars, and this morning Nevada called and ordered the Buddy Break. The tow bars were suppose to be here today, but didn't come, so hopefully they will tomorrow. The guy at the Hitch place wanted to make sure that all the part were there before he started to work on the Jeep. So Thursday he will do that. Hopefully we will get the tow b
ars tomorrow.

Sure got hot today, And it is still hot out.


Ex-Shammickite said...

How lovely for you to meet up with your Dutch friends. I hope they are having a wonderful trip. The pink shoes are so cool! I see them for sale everywhere but I haven't invested in any yet.

dot said...

How sweet of you to give her the crocs! I was reading on another blog that they are being banned in some hospitals but like you I can't wear them anyway.

USAincognito said...

That is amazing to hear how more expensive things are in other countries compared to here. I was talking with some guy in Germany and gas prices there are at $8/gallon if it was converted into American money. That is expensive!!!