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Sunday, September 02, 2007

My friend Cindy's cat

It's been a quiet and slow day today, not much going on last night, Nevada did have to fix a faucet in one of the rooms, new one put on. He wasn't too happy about doing it but he did.

We had to go get kitty litter at Pet Smart. Did i ever tell you that Sweats cat litter is the best for odor control? Well we have used almost every cat litter on the market and this is the best. And when you have 10 cats that is very important for odo
r control, me having a very sensitive nose i can't take the smell of cat urine.
Nice thing is that it clumps and you can flush it down the toilet.

We then went out to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Rancho. Really was hungry for Chinese, but he wasn't. They just opened a new Chinese restaurant called King Buffet, they have over 80 items all you can eat. We went there a couple of weeks ago and i must say the food was good. Ate too much of course anothe
r reason Nevada said he didn't want to go there. I am very picky about Chinese food, so i like it because that way i can try a little of this and little of that.
Well maybe next week i can talk him into going again.

My friend Cindy called last night, upset because she had to put her kitty down, he was getting old, couldn't control himself either so she finally had him put down. Very sad when we do that, but at least you know there not in pain anymore, at least that is the way i look at it, since they can't tell you.

I know we are dreading the day that we may have to do that with TC, she is at least 20 yrs old, the other cats pick on her and i am sure its due to her age and health. We keep her separated from the other cats.It would be nice if she just went to sleep, somehow one feels like they are murdering them.
We had to do that to our dog Beauty and it was awful.


Ginnie said...

10 cats! WOW. Thank goodness you have found the perfect kitty litter for them because I have a picky nose as well.

I'm quite sure your cats are the best-loved cats anywhere!

madretz said...

I totally understand what you mean about having to put them down. It breaks my heart, even when I just read about it like this.
There are several Kings Buffets around here but i've never gone. Glad to hear you enjoyed the rest of you weekend despite the unsuccessful gargage sale.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Ten cats, wow, a whole herd! That's a lot of kitty litter needed!