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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Heading to Quartzite

Had a good nights sleep but sure was sore from yesterday. after that climb to the ruins, geesh that was really not worth the walk up there. But oh well we got our excersise in. And if we would of had to pay we wouldn't of gone up. Long cliimb up there.
Great sunrise this morning.

Headed out after cleaning the motor home, i think it was around 11:30 before we finally got going. So stopped at Goldfield mining town. another one of those touristy places were everything is a shop, not really into those kind of places but did manage to get some photos .
We then left there to head for Q but on the way we saw the sign for Yuma and decided to head that way instead. Ended up at Gila Bend, as your coming into town on the right side there is a rv park resort next to the travelodge, in the Shell gas station. RV parking with full hookups is $9 decided to spend the night there, heck we would of spent that just in gas alone to run the gen, altho the traffic is right there and the train is a few feet from there it is noisy, but like Nevada said tune it out. Didn't sleep all that bad once i got to sleep.
No wifi tho.... going to have a lot of mail to sort thru. going thru it. seems like a lot of trucks use this rt tho. .
GOing to get breakfast and then head on out hopefully will get on the internet tonight.

Well we have been in Q for 3 days now, bring your long johns when coming cause it is cold and windy the wind is the worst when your out and about, yesterday was really bad. Decided that today we go looking for another source of heat, it has been so cold that the heater at low is drawing more juice and by 3 am no battery.Not sure what we will get but it has to be something, can't get no sleep as the cats are cold too and they want warmth so either they cuddle up together at me feet were i can't move or they try to get under the covers.

We are staying at Laposa West we decided for $30 for 2 weeks and being able to dump and get water was well worth it comes out to about $2.50 a day, they won't let ya dump if your not paid, so going into town you have to pay to dump and get water so rather than the hassle of driving this rig in town its better out here.

they have rvlongon 1 that you can get but the strength is very low here at the site, i get 2 bars so might try and sign up for it later, going to take the lap top into town today and see if i can get a better signal. The sun is shining but oh so cold......

Took Princess in for her last shot, the vet is only open from 9 am to 12. he is one smart cookie, he has them all lined up, when we got there. He had 4 people in front of us and then more kept coming in , i think most of them were all snow birds. The darn office was so cold that the gal at the counter had to take the heater on the desk so that she could heat up the pens so they would write.. Vet looked at her papers and said well i will give her the shot but i add one other shot to it, can't remember what he said it was, i asked what it was for, don't remember accept his answer was you need it down here. I said wonder how come she didn't mention it and he said well maybe in your part of the country you don't need it, i said well then why do i need her to have it then, cause there is a series of 2, his answer was becuase your here right now.! Well ok i wasn't going to argue with him, he didn't take her temp or weight, nothing just the shots, and he wasn't all that nice about poking her either she really let out a yelp. didn't do that with the other vet. Well then he tried to pass it off and give her a treat and say what a good doggie she was, well she wasn't having any of it. LOL. Don't think she will like going to a vet again.

Boy the weather has not gotten any better the last few days, Still cold. we went into town on Sunday and found a catalytic heater, i guess that is what this is, $160 for 10,000 BTU's no thermostate as Nevada said we can regulate it ourselves, yeh right.! went over to the pit stop and got a regulator and a propane tank. brought it home and got it hooked up, surely thinking that we were going to be keeping really warm... HAHAHA!!!!! we also blocked the windows with sheets and the front cab with more blankets so that the cold wouldn't come thru. Sat here last night at 72degrees thinking yep its going to be real warm. Actually it was warm TOO warm to sleep however. so turned it off accept the pilot light. I woke up about 2 am freezing my tooch off. so turned it back on but never really did get warm till i had to turn the furnace back on and help get it warmed up in here again.

Decided this morning to go into town and get the heating insulation for the windows, man they windows let out a lot of the heat.
Turned out to be a fairly nice day today. Picked up a dash cover for the motor home $36.95 they made it right there. Hope it fits. Went home and tried the insultaion on the windows, which we had to cut, right in the middle of doing that Mary called and said they were here. so went and met them at the gate, brought her over here so she can see our site, and to see if they can park it . well they are not too far from us.
Anyway sure hope that we can figure this heat and cold out tonight and sleep better.

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