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Monday, October 12, 2009

Vacation Time

Well i know i havn't been on here much for a few months. But hope to get back on here very soon. With all the baby kittens i have fostered this summer, i think things are slowing down some. But also think this will be my last time of fostering. Yes i have accumulated a few doing this, which is not a good thing, as i sure didn't need anymore cats, but they have turned out to be special kittens that i just don't have the heart to let go of. Oh well what is one more mouth to feed right? Well actually there is 3 more mouths to feed.

This is Freckles he is a special needs kitty, he will only eat canned food, no matter how much i have left him go hungry he will only eat the can food. Great kitten, i would let him be adopted but only if someone was willing to feed him canned food.

Here is Brooster and Alice, Brooster being the smaller one, I got her when she was only a day old, cold and frail she was found by someone at a trailer court and he didn't know what to do with her, well she is well and healthy and spoiled rotten, being 6 weeks old now she still isn't eating on her own, still wants a bottle and to be fed out of a syringe with chicken baby food, darn if she don't eat the whole jar now. Alice the bigger black kitty is very special to me as i had her when she was only 16 days old along with 4 other siblings who all died. She is so sweet and loving, absolutely loves to be cuddled . She comes to bed and loves to curl up by your neck. Such a sweetie pie......
Anyways we left for vacation last month on the 17th of Sept. and we are now making our way back home. Funny how a month can go by so quickly when your away from home.
Anyway they are all great travelers in the motor home along with there big cages that i have had to make room for so that they are secure when we are driving, but watch out when we are parked as they make good use of that time running all over the motor home. Can't wait to see what there going to do when they get home... Oh yes i have 3 other babies that we took along as well.
This is left to right, Honey, Cooper, & Ralphie plus all our other cats yup call us the mobile cat house.
Anyway will start posting about our trip to Utah and Az


judi said...

So you didn't fall of the face of the earth! I stopped by to see you a week after you had left. My daughter and I took a girls weekend off. Your son is very nice. I wondered what had happened to all the kitties, I am glad you still have Freckles, he was one I wanted to see. he sounded so cute, he still is I see.
Looking forward to hear about your trip.

♥Kathy♥ said...

LOL I would not have the heart to let one of these babies go either. They have a tendency to become part of your life fast. I have 3 of my own. =)

Syaa_Fiqq said...

Those are cute and beautiful kittens. Must be great to travel with them, and hope you had a great holidays. I also glad to hear that they are great traveler.
I also love cat, and we have one in our home.
Have a nice day..
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PERBS said...

I looked for you everyday! I did not realize you were on vacation. Look forward to yoru photos. I an't imagine all those kittys in one house.

Denise said...

Hey, great to see you and those kitties are adorable. Hope your vacation was all you expected it to be. I'll be off soon too. Looking forward to it.

judi said...

If I could I would. CR has issues with cats that have claws and teeth, he is one of those who get the littlest cat scratch and it turns in to a major event. Brusing, swelling infection etc. But if I could I would take that Freckles in a heartbeat. Soft food? Fine! BTW did the vet check his teeth? Maybe he has something wrong that causes pain if he eats hard kibbles. See, I can make excuses too!

Donna said...

Such sweet faces!! Have missed you!!hughugs

The Good Life in Virginia said...

that last capture of the three...precious little ones. you are so good to all of them ^..^