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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Snow and more snow

I think that this winter everyone is getting some harsh weather, and we are not alone so I guess one should not complain as we have had a couple of yrs of warm winters, with very little snow. Last yr I think we only had maybe about an inch of snow here at the motel.
So I guess it is making up for it. Yesterday we called some adds in the pape
r for snow removal. Highway robbery we say, there starting out price is $100 an hour minimum
Nevada said he will shovel before he pays that, so him and son and friend did shovel some of the snow, enough so that at least we could get a car in. About an hour after they did that a guy comes by who does snow shoveling said he charges $60 an hour i said well if you will do only the hour we will use them, he said he would be back this morning at 8 am to do it, So will let ya know if he does,I have my doubts that he will.

Just had to take a photo of the this huge icicle.

Surprise ,Surprise he actually showed up to plow the parking lot, he came early.Last time we had someone do the parking lot which was about 3 yrs ago maybe 4 they charged $35 to do the whole thing.


dot said...

I hope he does a good job. That's a lot of snow. In the meantime I'm checking into buying myself a snow plow and moving north. LOL!

imac said...

cor, here we have had a little flutter and it never settled, tho north of us has had quite a lot.

Great photos.

madretz said...

That's a big icicle! Don't stick your tongue on it. :)
The guy who plows our cul-de-sac at the hideaway charges $25 but doesn't come all the way up our driveway so Jimmy still has to shovel. The cul-de-sac is pretty small.

Old Wom Tigley said...

WOW Thats proper snow.. not like this stuff that falls herejust long enough to make the countryside bright and then goes again in the afternoon.. I'd love to see that fall in these parts... and those icicles are like the ones I remember when I was a wee young lad.. I have not seen any good ones for donkeys years..

kostas said...

Really you I am glad also you I wish you are always well.
A lot you envy, we wished to have your own ugly time!

Shionge said...

I know this is way too much snow lilli but if I am there now with you I'll be jumping with joy and be amazed by the sheer amount of snow......:D

Paulie said...

So that's where my snow is!!!!!!!! We got one inch of it a week ago and it melted within 12 hours.

Yesterday I traveled by city bus to Camas, WA and then walked up Prune Hill to find lots of snow. I had lots of fun taking photos and walking in it but it got dark too early and I lost my way. Luckily, a family stopped and gave me a ride home to Vancouver and I was not stuck on the hill in the dark and cold. I thought I might eb stuck there and freeze to death. BUt what a way to go!!!!!!!

I still love snow. I just have to promise myself that I can go back and not try to keep walking when I am not familiar with the area and it is getting late.

If I lived closer, I would come over and do ALL your shoveling for FREE --well maybe some hot chocolate in between areas and use of the bathroom.

Isadora said...

Well, that is how our world works - 7 years ago the monthly transportation price was half of what we pay now :( Hope he cleared the lot in an hour. If you were regularly getting such weather it may be worth investing in a plow blade to install on a pick-up? That way not only will your property be clean, but in spare time there is an opportunity to earn some money back?!

Beautiful photos by the way!!

alexander said...

Wow! That is a lot of snow.
The cars looks as though they have found themselves a blanket!

Alex's World! -

Meggie said...

Yikes! That is a LOT of snow. We get snow in western Pa, but not usually that much. Glad the plow guy came back. Good help is hard to find. STay warm!

arlene said...

awts! that;s a lot of snow! nice shot on the icicles:)...we have a guy who does plow our driveway as well, we were thinking of buying a plow, but hubby is too lazy to go out and plow anyways, so we just hired someone on call to do it.

Natalie said...

My goodness you have a lot of snow! I think we're the only ones having a mild winter. My mom is having a really bad winter in Utah, I'm just one state away in Colorado and we currently have no snow.

Sandy Carlson said...

For that amount of money,I hope the rascal blow dries your parking lot! Good grief. I'm buying a shovel and heading west.

Great shots. I think, though, that there must have been an administrative error and you got the snow destined for CT and we got nothin'!