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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today's FLowers

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Look! i have crocus in there. To tell ya the truth i didn't even know i had any planted in that particular bed. So was pleased to see them.

And look a but coming out, i think spring is coming around, almost 60 degrees yesterday and then snow last night and this morning. What's up with that?
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dot said...

I like the purple best. Nice shots! Your weather is very strange indeed.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

What a pleasant surprise for you. ;-)

My Today’s Flower’s post is at
More of Me - EG

kayleen said...

The first signs of spring are so exciting! Thanks for sharing

Nebraska Birding


Lovely yellow crocus trying to hide! But no way - You can't hide from someone looking for spring!

guild-rez said...

rinnert mich an das folgende Gedicht!!
Schöner Frühling, komm doch wieder,
Lieber Frühling, komm' doch bald,
Bring' uns Blumen, Laub und Lieder
Schmücke wieder Feld und Wald.
Auf die Berge möcht' ich fliegen,
Möchte seh'n ein grünes Tal,
Möcht in Gras und Blumen liegen
Und mich freu'n am Sonnenstrahl.

Möchte hören die Schalmeien
Und der Herden Glockenklang,
Möchte freuen mich im Freien
An der Vögel süßem Sang.
Hoffmann von Fallersleben

(als Volkslied bekannt)

Arija said...

Lovely burnt gold Crocuses. Your Spring is definitely springing.

Tarolino said...

What a really nice surprise it was for you. Spring is full of discovery. Such a great time to be in.

fishing guy said...

Lilli: It looks like the first flowers of Spring are blooming there also, very nice captures. I like the tee buds also.

Shionge said...

It is like discovering 'treasures'...very nice :D

AVCr8teur said...

Don't you just love surprises? I planted my raspberry plant last winter ago and nothing. The plant looked like died, but luckily, I decided to keep the bare branches and surprisingly, leaves are sprouting. I hope I'll get some berries this summer!

Luke Wiley said...

I am so looking forward to warmer weather!

Carletta said...

Spring is popping up all over your place! It is here too - it's wonderful!
Nice shots!

My flower post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

Naturegirl said...

Spring has surely sprung at your place!!

Arlene said...

I love those creepers. I am sure that is a pleasant thing to see after the dull winter color. :)

Happy Spring!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Its a great way to find signs of spring... and theres nothing better than a nice surprise


Wiggers World

ROSIDAH said...

Schoenes Volkslied, guild-rez. Kannst Du auch Deutsch sprechen, Lilli?

You have very lovely flower buds there :).

ROSIDAH said...

Schoenes Volkslied, guild-rez. Kannst Du auch Deutsch sprechen, Lilli?

You have very lovely flower buds there :).

Lady Di Tn said...

It is Mother Nature's Christmas to us all and it comes in the name of Spring. I have always found it so enjoyable to stroll around the yard to see who has poked its head up next to provide us with colorful delights. BTW, it snowed on our butter cups but now it will be 73 today. Peace

Day4plus said...

Gold in your garden. Wonderful surorise. MB

Donna said...

I'm envious! I have Never been able to grow these!!! Beautiful!hughugs

Happily Retired Gal said...

I love the golden and the purple blossoms both!
Hugs and blessings,

PJ said...

It looks like spring is on it's way! I think it's crocus stamens that are used for saffron. Maybe you can make some yellow rice and sprinkle purple petals over it! Hah! Wouldn't that be a sight.