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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Watery Wednesday / Canals around Bend

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Empty Now but will start flowing again soon.
Established in 1918, the Central Oregon Irrigation District ("COID") is a quasi Municipal Corporation of the State of Oregon.

The system consists of two main canals: the Pilot Butte Canal, which runs north, through Bend, Redmond and Terrebonne; and the Central Oregon Canal, which runs east, through Bend, Alfalfa and Powell Butte. Both canals divert water from the Deschutes River.

The District provides water for about 45,000 acres within an 180,000 acre area in Central Oregon. More than 700 miles of canals provide agricultural and industrial water to the Terrebonne, Redmond, Bend, Alfalfa and Powell Butte areas. In addition, COID provides water to the City of Redmond and numerous subdivisions; in Bend, many parks and schools receive water through the COID system.

In 1989, COID commissioned and completed the Siphon Power Project. Profits from the power plant will be returned to the District to be used for capital improvements to make our distribution system more efficient.

In addition, the COID is the managing partner in the operation of the 55,000 acre foot Crane Prairie Reservoir, located on the east side of the Central Cascades.

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Lilly said...

Reminds me of some places around here.

The commentary was very interesting.

Carletta said...

Very interesting post.
Sure hope when the water flows you'll post another photo. It would be interesting to see the change.
My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Its looking a little dry. I remember as a kid in rural Utah and Arizona that the local irrigation districts canals were a major big deal to the farmers and ranchers in the area. It is what kept them in business.

Syaa_Fiqq said...

Nice picture, I can't wait to see when it start to flow again. Informative post! Thank you.

Pacey said...

This would be a very nice spot if full of water, hope to see one photo soon.

Anonymous said...

It may not have water in it, but you still got a great shot! I love that sky & the trees!!!

Daryl said...

Looks as if it could use some rain ..

Luke Wiley said...

A small canal! thanks for the history!

Janie said...

Sounds like this canal is an important part of the local economy. Thanks for sharing the info.


Interesting post! As Pacey I will look forward to see this full of water! Looks a little sad as it is now!

imac said...

WOW where is water.great capture.