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Monday, October 27, 2008

Roundabouts In Bend Or

My Part of the World #2

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So in my part of the world which is Bend Or, we have a lot of sculptures around town especially in our Roundabouts, so you ask "What is a Roundabout"? Well this is what they say about them

"Modern roundabouts are the prettiest and safest form of traffic control in the world. Roundabouts slow all vehicles, provide refuges for pedestrians, and are the only traffic control device in which trees can be planted, fountains can bubble or spray, statutes can sparkle into the next century. When constructed as part of new road construction they are cheaper to build than signalized intersections. If used instead of traffic signals they save us all money. Their maintenance cost is almost zero. They require no electricity, no regular tune-ups, no annual replacements of parts, suffer no blackouts and cannot be blown away."

But they are a pain in the rear at times. Do you have roundabouts where you live?

So what are your gas prices? Ours went down to $3.14 for unleaded


PERBS said...

We got a few new round a bouts in our town recently. I like them. We usually have flowers in most of them.

Klaus said...

Nice shots for MyWorld!
And we're down to $2.31!
Cheers, Klaus

Rambling Woods said...

Oh my gosh..we were in Ohio for my daughter's graduation and I had to go to a pharmacy and plugged the address into my GPS..The GPS got messed up and I was going round and round and had to try every off shoot road...I don't like traffic circles...LOL

Angeelina said...

Gas prices at our places had been reduced to 300 bucks which is less than 7 dollars. Though the bus fares have not been reduced till now.