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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Deer in Yard

Every year we seem to be blessed with some deer in the yard, altho i love to see them here, it makes me sad that they come across the busy road and then i wake up to find them hit on the road. Last yr we woke up and found 4 deer hit across the street, not sure what happened if it was a truck, but to have 4 of them killed at the same time seemed stran
ge. Can you see how close the road is to our front yard?

At the end of the motel there is a empty small piece of land that doesn't belong to us, and i noticed that the grass there was all matted down, and I told hubby i t
hought there were deer bedding down there at night.

Well tonight the doe was there, my son said he saw a buck laying there yesterday morning. It was funny cause he called me when he went to the trailer and said mom that doe is just standing there staring at me, i had to take the garden hose to try to chase her off, of course i got a bit upset about that, and said why did you do that, she would not hurt you, he laughed and said have you seen those shows that the deer attacks the person? I said well i really don't think she would do that. So i went marching down there with some bread and camera. Didn't get a good shot of the deer in the dark, If you click on the picture it will get bigger and hopefully you can see her better.

A few yrs ago we had a momma and her baby that would come up to our big living room window and look in, waiting for me to come out and feed her bread. I never knew that they liked bread, till we went to the bread store and this guy was picking up all this old bread, i said what are you going to do with all that bread? And he said feed it to the deer. I said i didn't know they liked bread and he said they love it.


Andrea said...

We have deer come up in our yard but we live in the country. Looks like that deer was awful close to a big highway.

Susie said...

Thanks for visiting me. We've been to Bend before, but it's been about 10 yrs or so..
Loved seeing the deer. I didn't know they loved bread :)
I can't imagine how four could get hit unless that road is very busy.
Stop in again anytime..

Nessa said...

I love watching deer, but I, too, wish they'd stay away from the roads.

Nonna said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment! Stop by anytime. I visited yours a couple of times. I think I found it via Andrea's blog. Have a blessed weekend!

rosemary said...

I think you know we have dozens in our forest. Steve feeds them corn....we have a pallet of it in the garage....they can be nasty little animals at times. the bucks keep the does from eating and the does keep the babies away....

Sandy Carlson said...

Deer are wonderful, gentle animals. Your photo is super. God bless.