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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tearing down of the restaurant

Well today the time has come that they tore down the Restaurant next door, and i have to say i watched all but the beginning of it, took 118 photos, it has been a long time that we have waited for this day to come.

So now they will start the new Sonics restaurant, I have heard good things about them, have never seen one or ate at one, but the commercial shows great milk shakes, HMMMM maybe not such a good thing to have something that good go in next door.
Has anyone ever been to a Sonics?

Well if nothing else it will make the place look much better than the old restaurant and the garbage around it. Never good to have a old building sitting empty, makes your place not look good.
My son talked to the guy that was tearing it down and he said they will be picking up the mess tomorrow and then they will start taking tearing up the parking lot. So i guess its going to be a mess around here for awhile.


LC said...

Sorry to here you are sick it is never a good thing,and all us men don't think that way. Cool video it is good like you said when something has sat empty for a long time it is probably time for it to go, is Sonic like a fifty's type drive inn with car hops, if so we have one here in Spokane but I haven't eaten there yet so I don't know if it is any good. I hope you feel better soon. Ranger and Lloyd.

Old Wom Tigley said...

All fall down..
What an interesting set of pictures, can't wait to see how it goes up.

rosemary said...

We were at a Sonic when I fell out of the camper.....the burger was good and I got a shake...really good. They are Steve's favorite. I hope you are feeling better. Nothing worse than a winter cold unless it is a summer one.

Sharon said...

It will be worth it, trust me! My oldest son works at Sonic, they have some great food. And the cream pie shakes? Oh my...start dieting now so you'll be ahead of the game before they open! LOL, I told my son I'm going to gain 10lbs from him working there.

Lynette said...

Around Jackson, Mississippi, Mama and I used to live a very short distance from one Sonic, then another one when we moved. We liked to drive up and order the kids' meal hamburgers and tater tots, with a Coca Cola for me and a Sprite for her. Yummy. (We didn't pick where we moved just to be close to another Sonic--it was serendipity!)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. The lights were turned on again this week--for the holiday/winter season. I love lights!

USAincognito said...

Sonics is okay. I really don't care for it too much but I know many others like it.