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Monday, November 05, 2007


Well i have managed to get myself sick, have not been sick in a long time, went to bed Sat night and woke up freezing, not me, as i am always hot, turned the heater up, which is usually off at night.My head was killing me, my body ached all over, i wanted to throw up but couldn't , glad i didn't tho as i don't do throw up well.Stayed in bed all day Sunday, and of course we very seldom get people early on a Sunday but of course as i was sick i had 3 check ins before 3 pm. Nope Nevada does not do check ins. I finally told him that he better put a sign on the door saying we were closed. I wanted peace and quiet.Funny how men seem to get that peace and quiet when there sick, but heaven forbid if we females get sick all things should continue on.

Anyway i guess i am back to almost normal tonight, have a hacking cough deep in my chest, so i guess that will go away soon. I am not a very good when it comes to being sick.


madretz said...

Oh hon, i hope you feel better soon! I managed to catch a little cold too somewhere along the way.

I forgot to respond to your question about living near morgan hill, yes, I do, about 20 minutes away. There's a really big pumpkin farm down there, too. But the one I went to are closer to San Francisco and on the coast.

Drink lots of juice and stay warm!

Andrea said...

Sorry you felt so bad. Sounds like it was the flu. I understand what you are saying about your husband, mine is the same way. MEN!

Kerri said...

Sorry you felt bad but hope you are on the mend!

imac said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my lil ol blog and your kind comments. I found your blog very interesting and shall return, i'll link to you.

Glad you feeling better, this fluy type cold gets around a lot, we had it last week.

Come visit to see Ol Crow man and Mrs Plugit.

USAincognito said...

Hope you are still feeling better and that the flu/cold has not come back!!!
Funny how men expect the world to stop for them when they are sick but we are expected to keep on even though we are sick. Humpfh!!