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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thunder On The Mountain Virginia City NV

In Sept 2004 we went to Virginia City NV. Have you ever been there? Have you ever wondered what a town looks like with hundreds of motorcycles?

As we got closer to Nevada we kept seeing all these motorcycles, not knowing why accept the fact the weather was nice. We had just left home with our last people that rented the entire motel was a group of bikers, for the weekend. Nice bunch of folks that twice a yr come to Bend and rent all the rooms for one of there events.
Anyway as we came into town many of the streets were blocked off, and many motorcycles, so we figured that it was not a place we wanted to stay at, so decided that we would go to Virginia City. As we arrived in town we were surprised that all those bikers coming into Nevada also were going to be spending there time in VC. Being that it was late we decided to look for a place to park, now that was funny as the Rv parks were all filled, should of guessed that, well anyway someone mentioned that they were allowing people to park in the parking lot. So being we were self contained in our motor home we thought we would try it.Well we ended up staying 3 days so i guess it wasn't all that bad, the bikers were nice and friendly, no fights that we heard during the night, even sat down and had a few drinks with a few of them.
Anyway here are a few photos,
Virginia City, Nevada is one of America's largest Historic Landmarks. Located just south east of Reno, Nevada, this historic mining town is easily accessible by car from Lake Tahoe, Reno, or Carson City. Some say Virginia City's rich gold and silver mines financed the Civil War. Now rich in history, Virginia City and the Comstock Lode still maintain the flavor of the hifalutin mining days, when Mark Twain roamed the streets and everybody wanted a piece of the "Richest Place on Earth."
So parking in a motor home or car was not allowed that weekend altho i don't think you could of found a place even if you had too.
Here is one of the saloons, being it has been so long ago i don't remember the name of it.
Now this lady 's dress is made of nothing but silver dollars, isn't it pretty? Yup! Nevada taking a real good look at it, And speaking of , In case you have always wandered, no he was not named after the state.
And here is the bar, i just love these old time bars, they have so much character.Be sure to click on the photos to get a larger look.


Kerri said...

Looks like a really neat place to visit! Wow.... thats a lot of bikes up and down the road. Sounds like loads of fun!

dot said...

Wow, that's a lot of bikes! There is a new place for bikers in Georgia called "Angel City". I read something about it on line.
I love your Halloween post! It just showed up on my bloglines today or I would have commented sooner.

Old Wom Tigley said...

WOW what a great post, love the bike... I must have missed this..glad I didn't this time round

Pepper said...

This is on my "must see" list. Great pictures.

madretz said...

cool history about the town and that sure is a lot of bikers! That artwork with the silver dollars is amazing!

bluemountainmama said...

you are living my dream! i tell my husband that is what i want to do when we 'retire'.... get a camper and go cross country with no agenda! awesome!