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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Cannon Beach

A couple of yrs ago Nevada and I went to Cannon Beach, I am not really fond of the coast, at least not here in Oregon, reason one is, i have always found it to be cold, dreary, and windy & foggy.But many people love it, they say the best time is in the winter. Nicer weather.
And please don't let me discourage you, this is my personal dislike, I do like the scenery, and there is plenty of it.

So coming here was not my choice of places to visit, but have to say i was glad we did as it was a beautiful day...

Our water is pretty cold as well. Not like the waters say in California or Florida. You do see some brave souls out in the water , But usually with wet suits on.
Now if you ever do come to Oregon, Our coast is a must stop place to see.

The city was named after a small, iron cannon that came ashore from a shipwrecked U.S. Navy schooner, "The Shark."

And i think this must be the most famous rock when it comes to photography.


Ex-Shammickite said...

What a gorgeous coastline, I really must visit Oregon one day, it's one of the US states that I have never seen.

imac said...

Such beachy good shots there.
Love the waving santa too.

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imac said...

Hi, we have been married 20months, been together 7 yrs come next March. My 2nd marrage and Julie's 3 rd marrage.

madretz said...

I have been to Oregon 2 or 3 times and only on or near the 5 freeway. So on my list of must see's is the Oregon coast (Northern Californian's rave about it) and Crater Lake.

Mike said...

I love that scenery. Thanks for sharing.

rosemary said...

My mother-in-law lived in Tillamook...rain, rain and more rain. The coast while misty and grey is so very beautiful. I even like the I-5 Oregon scenery. I'd like to live there....maybe in my next life.

dot said...

It looks beautiful.

Angie said...

Hi Lilli,
Absolutely beautiful.There's a magic in the scenery there which somehow, I don't think would be there in the Summer.