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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas decorations

Here is my carousel, I have not taken this one out of its box in about 3 yrs or so. Last yr i didn't even decorate the house. We new we weren't going to be here, so didn't even bother. It was our first yr on the road to go to Niland Calif. to meet some friends for x-mas. And then on to Arizona.
Ok, I don't get to put a tree up, with 10 cats and a dog, I figure that I wouldn't have a tree standing, so going to forgo that. I usually have one up in the office were they couldn't get to it.

So here i am testing my camera, or should I say playing with some of the buttons on it, the darker ones are with the candle setting.Which do you like best?


Jim Baker said...

hey looks like you're getting in the christmas spirit... :)

i like the moodier candle shot better.

my grandmother always bought me nutcrackers each year growing up as a kid... i never appreciated them growing up but now that I'm an adult and I can decorate and have a different nutcracker from each year of my childhood i really appreciate them.

jim baker

dot said...

I like the lighter ones. That carousel sure is pretty!

Andrea said...

You have some lovely Christmas decorations.

tenforty said...

Such lovely Christmas decorations. Have a blessed Christmas! Deb

madretz said...

It's so festive! I love it!! I like both w/ and w/o the flash. The "candle setting" creates more emotion, gives it a mood like Jim said. It's romantic. But then you also want to be able to see your fun decorations!

Kerri said...

Beautiful decorations Lilli! I like both styles....the candle shots are very nice but do limit what you can see of the other decorations.