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Monday, December 10, 2007

Winchester Bay Part 2

So this is were we stayed with our friends Rich & Mary, It is dry camping there. I am not sure how many folks were there with the group called the RovingRods, a yahoo rver's group that get together every yr at Winchester Bay, for the crabbing season.I am guessing there must of been at least 20 to 30 rigs. Some of them are fulltime Rver's who live in there motor homes yr round. Others may be on the road 6 months out of the yr.Or like us a very short time.

Here is our rig, among the rest of them . Anyway they come here to crab, but this yr the crabbing was not very good. So there wasn't too many crabs that they could have a crab feast with, I guess they get all the crab together and have a feast. This yr it did not happen.. At least while we were there, so NO crab for us.

They do have a get together were we all bring some food , there was so much food and so many different things to eat. YUMMY!

And i got this guy watching to see what he could steal off the table, But then maybe
He was eyeballing this. Yup that was the only crab they caught and was able to keep. while we were there . Don't know if they did anything better later in the week or not. He also won the price for the biggest catch of the day and i guess the only catch.


AVCR8TEUR said...

Did everyone share the single crab? Looks like a feast nevertheless. I always wondered what it was like at these RV park get-togethers. Looks like a great place to meet people and chow down.

dot said...

What a crab! That sounds like a fun event. I would like to travel some but I don't think I could stand it year round.

Nessa said...

I love crab, but that one you caught doesn't look too filling; D

imac said...

Really enjoyed this post.

imac said...

Really enjoyed this post.

Angie said...

That poor little crab wouldn't have gone far between all of you, would it! Looks like a fun get together though.
Thanks for your coment on my blog about the Wirral horn.One of my particular interests is the history of the Wirral and I was really excited when I knew the horn was on exhibition, even more so when I was told it was ok to take photographs of it!

madretz said...

oh you caught me! I'm that crow hovering above waiting for a tasty snack. ;)