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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Drake Park Saturdays outing. Part 1

Please click on photos for larger view as they are better

Drake Park and Mirror Pond

NW Riverside Blvd. and Brooks Street
13 acres

This popular downtown community gathering place hosts many events throughout the spring, summer and fall, including the District's Old Fashioned July 4th Celebration. Features include nearly one half mile of riverfront, acres of open lawn, an outdoor stage, restrooms and small picnic tables. A major renovation project for this park was completed in 2003. The restrooms have been upgraded, pathways throughout the park have been replaced with pavers making the walkway wider, new irrigation and lighting systems have been installed, bike racks have been installed, a seating and viewing area was added at Mirror Pond and the High Wheel has made a triumphant return to the park. Drake Park is more beautiful than ever!

So today Nevada says lets go shopping or a drive, If you knew my husband either one of those things is something he hates to do.So came with a big surprise to me...... I said why? He said I'm bored.
So we decided to do the drive, cause i said that is going to be cheaper than going shopping cause you know i have to buy something. LOL.

So we took Princess my pom, thinking that she would really enjoy going for a nice walk. So in the car we load up. Oh yeh i forgot to mention she gets car sick. So decided to do the park first and hopefully she will like it enough that she will not get sick when we head towards the mountains. Our intention for the day. So the above photo is the history of Drake Park. And some photos of all the poopy ducks. Which i had so much fun watching and taking photos of.

Here is one coming in for a landing and OOOP'S that's ice Miss Princess is looking on, which surprised us that she paid no never mind to them as far as wanting to chase them

Going for a head dive here. Arn't they amazing how they can go head first, wonder what he is after?

Now i thought he was a bit unusual in color don't you think?


dot said...

That looks like a really nice place to go and you got some great pictures of the ducks. I wonder what kind the funny colored one is. I can see why you enjoyed watching them!

Andrea said...

I love to go to the park and see the ducks. You have some good pictures here.

The Oswegan said...

Is that where they get the water for Mirror Pond beer?

No wonder it tastes funny.



Isadora said...

:) Ducks are such fun creatures. They are like gossiping bunch of women - but they (ducks) have more fun. There is ice on that pond!

quintarantino said...

These photos are quite unique. Ducks always provide good pictures and the landscape around the lake is beautiful.
Will the lake be completely frozen soon?

quintarantino said...

Sorry, only now I saw your comment on the skeleton photo.
To know a little more, under the photo there is a link for an article on Wikipedia. Just follow it. I guess you'll get useful information there.

Salty said...

Pretty place Drake Park! I love watching water fowl and it looks like you have lots of it here!

It is a little tricky photographing flying/moving wildlife, I find I shoot a lot and if all goes well I'll have a few good shots.

Thanks for stopping by Country Captures

Sandy Carlson said...

Great photos, Lilli. What an interesting place. I love your ducks and geese shots, too. That can't feel good to come in for a landing on ice!

USAincognito said...

Nice pics of the ducks & geese!! :) My puppy LOVES all birds that fly - she wants to kill them and eat them! lol.

RuneE said...

Nice ducks! Always busy - up and down.

BTW I think your "he" is a "she" and that explains the bland colour.

Emery Roth II said...

Thus looks like a lovely spot. I especially like the delicacy of the second photo, and, of course, the ducks turned upside down as they search for food on the bottom of the pond. Thanks for visiting my site. I'll stop back here again soon.

kml said...

Looks like a great place to spend an afternoon - no matter the season! The ducks are always fun to watch and feed.

imac said...

Right name anyway Drake Park with lots of Drakes n Ducks.
Very interesting photos and story.