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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Drive to Oakridge & Westfir Oregon

Well this morning we decided to head over to Oakridge, Nevada's brother lives over there in Westfir.We have been trying to get over there, this morning everyone left out of here by 9 am so decided to just go. His brother has had 2 strokes and seems to have a anerism that they can't operate on. Well the drive was nice till we got past Williamtte Pass ski resort. then the rains started, i knew i didn't like it over there this time of yr. A much differant climate than here in the high desert.
This is the drive down there,
yup fog in the distance. YUK!
So we get to Westfir only a short drive from Oakridge, we didn't call his brother to say we were coming )-: anyway they weren't home, so much for a trip
to visit, we were concerned that he may of gone to the hospital, but called his sister in law and said that he wasn't so all was ok.
Andyway on the way home we stopped and took some more photos

Here is a covered bridge in Westfir, nice well kept bridge

Across the street is the Westfir Lodge a Bed & Breakfast
Be sure to check the website out
, it is also for sale, with a virtual tour of the house, fabulous.Click on the sale ad.
and then virtual tour.

We then stopped at Blue Pool campground which is closed. Check out the web for that.
It will take some time i think for them to clean that place up

Here is a couple of trees down nope you can't get past that
right now.
Here is the pool i guess not very blue right now is it?

So we left there and headed up the road, we saw this water fall Salt Creek Falls that we couldn't stop at becuase of the snow, but be sure that if your in the area stop and look at it also click on the link.
And here is another water scene i took, sure wish i had one of those good cameras i could zoom in on . Oh well sometime soon.
Well that is about it for now, hope i didn't bore you all too much, i hope that you enjoy the photos and the links.


Freda said...

Hey Miss Princess (and Humans),

Thanks for signin' my photos guestbook. And I signed yours.

You've got some reeeallys cooools photos on your blog. And thanks for the neato links. My humans may want to travel up that ways some day. AND THEY BETTER TAKES ME!!!


Freda (Ƨ)

Lilli & Nevada said...

Hi Freda,
Thank you and i am glad that you liked our photos, hope you come back often and check things out. I just wish i knew how to make the slide stay in one place.
Miss Princess not feeling all to chipper today because of the big surgery yesterday, plus 9 baby teeth that got pulled.Hope tomorrow is a better day.
Night now.

Tim Rice said...

Looks like a very beautiful area! I would love to go hiking in an area like that. :)

Anonymous said...

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